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 To purchase any of these items online, please visit the NAUI eBusiness Center

To order any of the items below, call 813-628-6284
For more information on any of these items call 956-761-7986

NAUI's new group of decals for the Nitrox and Technical diver.

65503... Nitrox Diver Decal
65504... Rebreather Diver Decal
65505... TriMix Diver Decal
65506... Technical Diver Decal
65507... Deep Wreck Diver Decal


O2 Service Sticker
NAUI Oxygen Service
Cylinder Decal
Item # 67006


Custom Mix Contents

NAUI Custom Mix
Cylinder Contents Decal
Item # 67005


EANx Cylinder Contents
Cylinder Contents Decal
Item # 67004


Nitrox Cylinder Band
NAUI EANx Cylinder Band decal
Item # 65502
Custom Mix Cylinder Band
NAUI Custom Mix Cylinder Band Decal
Item # 67002


Nitrox Diver Bumper Sticker
NAUI Nitrox Diver Bumper Sticker
Item # 35503

EANx 32 Tables  

NAUI EAN32 Dive Table
Item # 35502-32
EANx 36 Tables
NAUI EAN36 Dive Table
Item # 33502-36
Oceanx Calculator
NAUI Oceanx Calculator
Item # 33504
NAUI Oxygen Cylinder Band Decal Item # 67003
NAUI Technical Log Pages and Gas Management Planner Item # 66004



 To purchase any of these items online, please visit the NAUI eBusiness Center

To order these items call 813-628-6284
For more information call 956-761-7986

NAUI Worldwide, established in 1960, is continuing its mission to enable
people to enjoy underwater activities as safely as possible by providing
the highest quality practical education. 

For more information on NAUI and NAUI membership contact
NAUI Worldwide
PO Box 89789
Tampa, FL 33689-0413
Telephone (800) 553-6284 or (813) 628-6284.
WARNING: Technical diving is a potentially dangerous activity and requires very special training, equipment and support. If you are not prepared to do the work, invest in equipment and training and do it properly, don't do it!

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