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Technical Diving in Depth

By Bruce R. Wienke

A long-awaited and much-needed book has just been released by BPC. Technical Diving in Depth by Bruce R. Weinke is the most complete and comprehensive reference work published to date on technical diving, covering all aspects of the technical side of shallow diving to deep diving. If you are diving beyond the scope of the recreational diver, this book brings into perspective the details of the mechanics from the fundamentals to the advanced materials.

Topics include:
Thermodynamics, pressure and density, mechanics, gas kinetics, free and dissolved phase transfer, energy and matter interactions, nucleation and cavitation, bubbles and surfactants, oxygen dose, gas mixtures, buoyancy, gauges and tanks, compressors and regulators, maladies and drugs, statistics, risk and probability, binomial distribution, waves, transport, currents, geology, oceanography, geophysics, solar energy and radiation. References and Appendix are also available.

Targeted Audience:
Technical divers, commercial divers, diving instructors, underwater researchers, doctors, hyperbaric technicians, physiologists, physicists, chemists, mathmaticians, engineers or biologists.

Book No: B1035 - $58.00 plus shipping, 428 pages, beautifully bound in a colorful hard cover
ISBN: 0941332977

To order contact Best Publishing Company: Call toll-free in the U.S. and Canada
800-468-1055 or 928-527-1055
Email: [email protected]

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WARNING: Technical diving is a potentially dangerous activity and requires very special training, equipment and support. If you are not prepared to do the work, invest in equipment and training and do it properly, don't do it!

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